Award Winner 2009

Just before we left Long Beach for the last leg of my book tour, we received news that Webs of Power has been named the Winner of the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards for Fiction. A real surprise. I almost did not enter since award winning novels tend to be populated with down-trodden character and are a bit on the dark side–quite different from my upscale characters and setting.
Our tour includes 12 author signings, and 6 TV shows, all listed on  Also, I have had a number of radio interviews. Since the economy caught of with the background of my character-driven novel, my PR firm has taken advantage of my retail management background and has placed me on radio from coast to coast about 3-4 times a week, even now from hotel rooms. It is hectic, but we are also taking out time for a bit of fun. Went  to the Mall of the America’s on Sunday-What a place. Fortunately, our timing is perfect,  and we will are able to join the Musical Theater West Travel Group for dinner and a show on the 27th.
Neither, my husband, Jack , or I have ever been to Atlanta and are looking forward to a few free days there to explore not only Atlanta, but other locations in Georgia as well. 
While on Book tour and until the completion of my manuscript for Twisted Webs, the sequel to Webs of Power, my assistant, Kathy Porter, will keep my blog going, and most likely do a much better job than I have over the past few months.

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