One Author’s Challenge

Darlene has returned from her coast to coast book tour both exhausted and elated, having met some of her wonderful book fans– from coast to coast. Although completion of her sweep across country is a welcome relief, she still has a few local meet & greets to go.

 I can tell you first hand that once an author makes his or her mark in the industry, there is a compelling need to complete your next literary challenge.  Darlene’s sequel to “Webs of Power” has been awaiting its completion while she wrapped up her book tour. “Twisted Webs” will pick up where “Webs of Power” left off, reuniting us with her memorable characters. At the breakneck speed, Darlene has begun to tackle “Twisted Webs.” Her fans will have a short wait. (Late Summer or early Fall of 2010) 

 Today, June 17th, is Darlene’s birthday, and I am certain at some point today she will take the time to celebrate, but this morning she is writing. Yes, writing. Paige, Ashleigh, and Viviana, the beloved characters from Webs of Power, still have a story that needs to be told. Welcoming the challenge, their story has ignited within Darlene’s creative mind. She is giving life to their story now and will celebrate later.

 There are characters that you love while you read their story, and they fulfill a temporary place in your heart as you complete the book. Then there are character that you can’t forget,and you “need to know” just what happens next in their lives. A lingering smile, or a melancholy moment, a blushing giggle, or perhaps a scolding frown returns to your face each time a particularly memorable part of “Webs of Power” comes to mind. I’m looking forward to reading “Twisted Webs” as are many fans, to sustain our memories and satisfy our curiosity with new ones.

Happy Birthday Darlene!

~Kathy Porter

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