The Importance of a Great Cover Design

We have all heard the saying “you can’t judge a good book by its cover”.  However, we all must admit that book covers have a huge impact on whether we pick up a book and read the introduction, or perhaps the jacket sleeve. A creative book cover designs has the potential to influences bookstore browsers enough to pick up your book  and the  increase sales and profits.

Darlene’s book “Webs of Power” has been blessed with an outstanding book cover designed that captures the attention of potential book buyers. Most people come into a bookstore with the intent to purchase a book they have previously determined to buy. With strategic location this customer may be influence to purchase and additional book, or change their mind and buy a different book, because the cover ‘caught their eye’ from across the isle, or perhaps from across the store. 

It has long been know to book cover designers, that if a cover does not yield attention from ten feet away, luring a potential buyer to pick up and investigate the book further, they have not done their job. Authors, who have lost potential book sales because their book cover didn’t command the attention the contents deserved, understand deeply how importent design and color influence sales.

Webs of Power’s cover dominates bookstore shelves from across the room, as well as the  attention of potential customers. Stop in a bookstore near you and take a look. You won’t  judge Webs of Power by it’s cover, but I guarantee many readers have picked it up to investigate further.

~Kathy Porter

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