Writing is the Only Thing

Faxes coming in, blogs to write, update Facebook, MySpace, and Shelfari etc., emails to handle, signed books to mail, videos to put on YouTube and websites, where does it end. Authors have to overcome several challenges just to find the time to write. How did I find the time to write a book in the first place? What was I thinking when I began the sequel? Time is just something I don’t seem to have enough of – and worst of all – my characters as screaming at me – they want their story told. These are examples of the continuous doubts and dilemmas writers face daily as they seek out those few hours of time, hoping to write a few paragraphs or, if they are lucky, an entire chapter.

As Darlene’s assistant it’s my job to keep the everyday distractions from bogging down her ability to write, and make it easy for Darlene to block out a world of interruptions. Of course, there will always be days that pressing family matters, professional obligations, and of course the distraction she looks forward to the most, quality time with her supportive husband, Jack, make it almost impossible to write. We have all experienced times when the balance between obligations, family, and work is overwhelming. So I do my best to take the reins from Darlene often as possible, which allows Darlene time to listen to her characters and write their stories.

Writing doesn’t always come easy even when you have the time, but Darlene seems to have the wonderful ability tell her story with ease each time she sits at her desk and allows her word to flow through her nimble fingers onto the keyboard. A fellow author recently said after reading Webs of Power, “I loved Darlene’s story, her words are like butter,” I have to agree, Darlene’s words are spread across Webs of Power’s pages and like a well buttered crusty bread, once you’ve had a taste, you can’t put it down till you’ve finished it. So we patiently wait for Darlene to write Twisted Webs, the sequel to Webs of Power. Thankfully chapters and characters are coming together because Darlene, like all writers finds the time to write against all odds.

All authors strive for more time to write. Especially when fans are looking forward to their next book, and fellow authors are acclaiming their work. It’s difficult to ignore the “writing bug” itch when you have a story ready and waiting to be told. While many of us are clamoring to the next great sale, Darlene will be passionately writing about how money, love, lies, and corporate greed, caused the demise of some of our favorite department stores and reveal the destiny of the corporate men and women desperately trying to survive their fall.

~Kathy Porter

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