Hardcover vs Paperback

Hardcover books are usually the first round of publication to arrive in bookstores. This is true of many genres, especially mainstream fiction. Many of us are excited about the feel of a new edition hardcover book. Let’s face it, hardcover books with their thicker softer paper, dust jackets, and smooth surface grace bookshelves in stores, as well as the shelves of home libraries, in a particularly appealing way. They stand rigid, and tall, and although they have been read, perhaps several times, still displaying their title and author proudly.

After hardcover books have been available for one year, which is standard for most publishers, the paperback edition will be printed. Once a paperback is available there is a typically a surge in book sales among the paperback readers, who have been waiting patiently for the latest paperbacks to arrive in their favorite bookstores . Paperback readers usually have a practical reason to purchasing a soft cover book. Millions of readers take trains, or buses to work daily. For many readers commuting to and from work takes up a substantial part of their day. Hardcover books are heavier and difficult to stuff into a purse, tote bag or briefcase, so paperback is the best choice for traveling.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, by air or sea, a paperback is a traveler’s choice. Most airport bookstores primarily carry paperback books, and only a few choice hardcovers. When you look across the aisle on an airplane, or while relaxing on the deck of a ship, or on a sandy beach, you will see readers clasping well-worn light weight paperback books held easily in one hand. Whether you take a bus, train, taxi, airplane or ship, millions of travelers find that reading a good book is one of the most relaxing ways to spend their time.

Webs of Power is about to hit shelves everywhere as a paperback book in August. So for those of you who have been waiting for the lighter weight, easier to carry version of Webs of Power your wait is about to be over. Start watching the bookshelves of your local bookseller, or better yet, place an advance order so you’ll will be one of the first to commute with a Webs of Power paperback clutched in your hand.

~Kathy Porter

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