Friendly Marketing

Darlene has been very busy writing “Twisted Webs” the sequel to “Webs of Power”. Something I have observed working with Darlene is that, although life has it interruptions, she rarely fails to get some writing in each day. True to her craft, her creativity and determination see her through chapter after chapter. I admire her tenacity.

Darlene also taps into her best sources for marketing her books. This past week she attended “Ladies Evening with the Authors” at the Long Beach Yacht Club, which she is a member of, to speak about “Webs of Power”. This was a very wise decision from a book marketing perspective, a large friendly crowd is always great, but the event was filled with readers – and readers buy books.

The best authors know how to engage their family, friends, and acquaintances successfully create not just immediate sales, but also word of mouth sales generated by doing local book signings, and speaking engagements.

Darlene will complete “Twisted Webs” shortly and she has a long list of friendly supporters locally that will help launch it successfully into the hands of eager readers. Soon we will begin planning our next local events inviting friends, family, and neighbors etc. and urging all to bring along a friend or two. We hope to see you there!

~Kathy Porter

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