Books for the Holidays

It’s time to start looking ahead to the holidays which will soon be upon us.  Gift buying for Christmas and Hanukkah is sometimes difficult, like knowing  just what to give Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary. There will always be a huge variety of department store wonders to choose from, but you can spend hours agonizing over who gets what.  Then there is the problem of  it being sold out while you were taking  the time to make your decision. Do you order or choose something else? Holiday shopping  can be a challenge.

To make your Christmas and Hanukkah shopping easier I suggest you buy books. There are thousands to choose from in book stores and online. You can find  book gift suggestions on the internet, books to give  mom’s, dad’s, grandparents, teens, children, and then there are also many book club recommendations.

After the hustle and bustle of bumper to bumper Mall traffic you will find that a book store filled with the scent of new books and hot coffee offers the tranquility and solace you need.  Uncle Joe would like a mystery, Aunt Mary enjoys mainstream fiction all easy to find on the well marked book shelves. Once your shopping is complete you will still have time to sit and have a nice relaxing cup of coffee.

Remember if you do your book shopping early you can mail out your books using media mail rates, a special low rates for books, through the US Postal Service.

Now that you know how to make your holiday shopping far more enjoyable and easy I have a few book suggestions for you. For your friends and relatives who enjoy feeling smarter about things they have heard or read about, while sharing the lives of fascinating characters and being thoroughly entertained – I suggest Darlene Quinn’s “Webs of Power”, which is now in paperback! Let’s not forget the mystery readers, especially those who watched Barnaby Jones, or the Beverly Hillbillies and enjoyed Buddy Ebsen’s many talents. For this select group I recommend “Sizzling Cold Case” a Barnaby Jones mystery. Darlene complete this novel for Buddy Ebsen at the request of Buddy’s widow Dorothy. 

Each of your relatives and friends has their own unique taste in books,  however, you can rest assure that “Sizzling Cold Case” or “Webs of Power” can cover the  majority of your gift giving needs. So go and buy several copies and take a huge bit out of you holiday shopping needs.  Please don’t forget to have a rewarding cup of coffee after you shop! You deserve it. 

 ~Kathy Porter

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