Reading and Children

Have you ever taught a child to read? You may not think you have, however, if you read to your children or grand children at an early age, you have made a significant contribution to their ability to read and learn.

Recently I saw an infomercial with a new way of teaching young babies to read.  They suggest holding up colorful flashcards with words and pictures, saying the word to the child. These tiny tots are learing reading and language skills far above their age level. I am not promoting that anyone go out and buy a set of flash cards or a reading program to teach their children to read, but I am suggesting that all children be read to at an early age for their educational developement.

Setting a pattern of reading for your child at an early age is a wonderful way to stir the imagination of a child. It encourages them to want to read on their own. There is nothing sweeter then having a child sit in your lap listening to you read a book and allowing them to turn the page for you. Or sitting beside their bed at night, reading a bedtime story before tucking them in. Children that have been read to, read better, which is a great asset to their ability to learn and excel in school.

As the holidays approach consider a gift of books to local schools for their classrooms or media centers. Schools welcome books for all age levels. You may want to contact the school librarian or your childs teacher  to find out if there are particular books that are  needed.   

Books unleash a child’s imagination and desire to learn, as well as creating a pattern of reading, for learning or hours of reading  adventure.

Read to a child today.

~Kathy Porter

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