Words Inspired By History

Darlene’s home office windows overlook the ocean, and a gorgeous view of the historical original Queen Mary, which is now a floating hotel moored in the Long Beach Harbor.

The Queen Mary was launched in 1936, recognized for its huge steel  white and black walls, and the Cunard trademark red funnels. It’s no wonder thousands of books and stories have been written about this beautiful ship including  fiction, biographical, and historical.

If you want to have a wonderful historical night the Queen Mary is one of the most popular places to stay. You can enjoy the feel and elegance of a bygone era, and perhaps allow your imagination to escort you to another ship,  and experience the romance of Rose and Jack, the star cross lovers of  Titanic fame, from the safety of a moored ship. I’ll bet you can already feeling the cool moist sea spray,  the ocean scented breeze though your hair, and the gentle rock of the Queen Mary  just thinking about being on a majestic ship. These vividly imaginary emotional sensations are often the inspirations of great authors.    

Era’s of history, objects of history, and persons of historical prominence have been inspirational to many of our greatest authors. But let’s not forget that history exist in our own lifetime and experiences. Modern history is filled with the nuances of each decade we live through, some turbulence, some peaceful, and some filled with cultural revolutions that shaped what we are today.

Darlene drew upon her personal and inspiring history when she wrote “Webs of Power”.  She often calls “Webs of Power”  ‘more FACTion than Fiction’  because it is the history of the beginning of  corporate greed and the hostile take overs 1980’s era which is still affects our economy today. “Webs of Power” is a character driven novel that takes us back to the 80’s in a way that only Darlene Quinn can. Why? Because she lived it.  Darlene was part of a nine member corporate managment team for Bullock’s Wilshire  and had real life people to draw from when she created her very believable characters. Darlene’s personal history was still a vividly compelling memory that inspired her to write “Webs of Power” and the soon to be released sequel “Twisted Webs”.

Whether it is a bygone era, a history making event, a prominent person, a majestic ship like the Queen Mary, or history within your lifetime, draw from these inspirations for stories, books and poetry. Darlene highly recommends using life’s realities, mixed with a healthy dose of imagination, and characters from your past to take readers on a historical journey to remember.   

~Kathy Porter

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