Twisted Webs – A Novel


The new year is soon approaching and with it, it will bring the release of Twisted Webs, Darlene Quinn’s second in her series and the sequel to Webs of Power. Twisted Webs takes us through the saga of department store corporate struggles and the very personal struggles of remarkable characters. For those of you who have read Webs of Power your favorite characters are reprise, and for the rest of you may your journey into the elite world of corporate  jet-setters and intrigue begin.

Let me paraphrase her editors wonderful snapshot review of Twisted Webs:

In her soon to be released Twisted Webs, the follow-up to her novel Webs of Power, Darlene Quinn once again involves her main protagonists—Mark and Paige Toddmann and Conrad and Ashleigh Taylor—in personal and professional struggles. The author hooks the reader with a gripping case of kidnapping that is then interwoven with plot twists and intrigue that she conveyed so convincingly in her first work of fiction. Along the way, readers are once again treated to delicious descriptions of luxury department stores, designer clothes, and chic events as the characters hop flights from Dallas to Los Angeles to New York City.

Having read Webs of Power, I am looking forward to the release of Twisted Webs and “catching up” with characters I will welcome like old friends. Yes, I work closely with Darlene, and she has told me a little of what I can exect to find out about the characters in Twisted Webs, but just enough to wet my appetite. Like all of you, I have to wait for the release  date to enjoy reading Twisted Webs, with  a glass of wine. Believe me the wait will be worth it.

~Kathy Porter

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