Interactive Video for Authors and Speakers

“What I wish I’d known before becoming a Published Author” is one of the most requested subjects Darlene Quinn is asked to cover when she is contacted for a speaking engagement. Darlene has several other subject that appeal to different clubs, organizations, businesses and corporations, but getting the word out can sometimes be a grueling and  time-consuming challenge. Technology and online networking has come to the rescue.

Lorraine Grula of Video Production is in the process of puting together two video’s to use as promotional tools for Darlene Quinn’s speaking engagements. One video has soundbites of Darlene speaking to her class at the Southern California Writer’s Conference and pictures of many other speaking engagements, while the other is very similar, without the soundbites, and shorter in length, giving Darlene a the flexibility to send the videos out to potential speaker accesses sites while staying within the limits of their time requirements.

As Darlene’s assistant I will be able to post these videos on several sites for potential viewers, looking for speakers, to review. In addition to viewing the videos, Lorraine has included interactive buttons so the viewers can contact me by phone, or email to book Darlene for their upcoming events. Now potential clubs, groups, or corporations will have the benefit of  seeing Darlene in action speaking in front of an audience. They also will have the ability to engaged the one of the interactive buttons to contact me and book Darlene for their  events. This use of video and interactive buttons optimizes Darlene’s speaking promotion and will be a huge boost to her formidable potential as a speaker. 

Thanks to Lorraine Grula and Video Production my job will be much easier  and Darlene Quinn’s speaking career will experience the boost her knowledge and skills deserve.

~Kathy Porter

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