TV and Radio Interviews, Book Singings, and Cruises

Darlene is on her final book tour for “Webs of Power” and soon will be getting ready to do it all over again for her sequel “Twisted Webs”. 

Book signings are the most common promotional tools authors use to expose bookstores and readers to their books.  As all authors know, not all booksignings are as successful as we would like. However with some hard work prior to a book signing they can make them very rewarding. Sometimes just making a great impression on the store staff is a huge plus. 

Darlene has placed her efforts all in the right places.  First she wrote an extrodinairiely timely book with unforgettable characters and an engaging plot. Second she hired EMSI, located in Clearwater, Florida, a strong aggressive publicity firm. EMSI makes sure she has plenty of publicity to drive potential readers to her booksignings. They have booked her on local and National TV and radio, placing Darlene on TV, in front of local book buyers the day before, or the day of a book signing.  These appearances help potential readers feel a connection to Darlene and her book.  Lastly, and one of Darlene’s greatest assets is that she married an understanding and supportive husband that helps her maintain her fast pace tour schedule. 

Darlene and her husband Jack are ending her tour with a relaxing Panama Cruise. But ever the  trooper, Darlene has a scheduled book signing on her cruise.  Not only will it give Darlene and opportunity to sell books, but will enhance her ability to meet and socialize with her cruise-mates. What a magical way to  mix business with pleasure.

~Kathy Porter

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