The Prequel

With the sequel to Webs of Power; Twisted Webs written and almost through the final editing process, what is an author to do? Well, if your Darlene Quinn – the prequel of course!

Did you ever wonder why a certain path was taken? Or what it was that made a man or woman what they are today? Darlene will take us behind the curtain of her characters lives exposing past events and secrets, giving us a unique perspective and understanding of the sometimes devastating choices they will eventually make.

What’s that old saying “sometimes you have to take a step backward before you can move forward”. Darlene has future sequels beyond Webs of Power and Twisted Webs, but before she is ready to reveal Paige, Ashleigh, and Viviana’s ultimate destiny’s she will take us back to where their lives began to intertwine and cascade into their real life corporate world drama.

Often as readers we come to understand the characters we read about from the part of their lives the author reveals. The back story is essential to our understanding why some characters do what they do. A prequel is a wonderful way to fulfill the dreams of many readers. Once you fall in love with a character in a book you want to know all you can about the person, especially if a characters reactions are heavily based on past events. With a prequel Darlene will take us back in time to experience the lives, fate, destiny and choices, of her characters. Then she can take us back to the future with a greater depth an understand of how they react to their future struggles. But now you will know why.

~Kathy Porter

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