About Darlene Quinn


Darlene Quinn

Darlene Quinn is an author and journalist from Long Beach, California.

Author of the Web Series: In “Twisted Webs,” the sequel of the national award winning ”Webs of Power,” Quinn once again involves her main protagonists—Mark and Paige Toddmann and Conrad and Ashleigh Taylor—in personal and professional struggles. The author hooks the reader with a gripping case of kidnapping that is then interwoven with plot twists and intrigue that she conveyed so convincingly in her first works of fiction. Along the way, readers are once again treated to her insider’s knowledge of the fate and future of our beloved department stores.

“Webs of Power” is a fictionalized story of actual events that marked the 80’s. Having been on the corporate management team at Bullocks Wilshire, Darlene (Jack) Quinn saw first-hand how greed became a major factor in the demise of our regional department stores. It is a nostalgic part of our history that she felt compelled to tell. Today economic market not only parallels what took place in the 80’s, but retailers are still suffering from the debt incurred during that period. Since then, we have seen the demise of other retailers including Mervin’s, Circuit City, Linens and Things … .

Prior to “Webs of Power,” Quinn completed “Sizzling Cold Case”, a Barnaby Jones novel, from Buddy Ebsen’s incomplete manuscript. However, “Sizzling Cold Case” is not a ghost written novel, nor did the talented icon need a ghost writer. The core story was Buddy’s, and it was written in his style and distinctive voice. Quinn says “Sizzling Cold Case” was a labor of love for a wonderful friend, whom she’d helped with a previous novel and other writing projects.

The Web Series are for readers who enjoy feeling smarter about things they have heard or read about while sharing the lives of fascinating characters and being entertained.

“Webs of Fate”, the prequel to “Webs of Power” will be release in September of 2011.

Quinn is now returning to the lives of the twins, Callie and Marnie from “Twisted Webs”. The sequel is titled, “Unpredictable Webs”

Books can be purchased at darlenequinn.net, other on-line book sellers, and E-book formats. Novels in the Webs series (Webs of Power & Twisted Webs) are available wherever books are sold.

For speaking Engagements/Workshops (Book Clubs; Philanthropic Groups; Fund Raisers; Friends of the Library Groups; Educators: Creative Writing, Marketing, & Business; & other Organizations) Contact: Kathy Porter at kathy@darlenequinn.net (In person or on Skype)

For video presentation, go to http://www.darlenequinn.net/contact/

Most requested talks have been: “What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Published Author” , “Is It Ever Too Late To Reinvent Yourself?” “Time Management” and “Women In the Work Place”


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